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Designing the Life We Want

Designing the Life We Want: Self-Renewal in the Fall

Stanford University

November 22nd - 24th, 2024

Weekend Workshop

Registration opens on August 19th.

If you would like to receive a reminder about open registration, please contact us.

You have never been where you are today. Have you created the impact you want? Do you show up the way you desire? Are you moving in the right direction? Rarely do we allow ourselves time to stop and examine what is changing in our lives and what we need to feel fulfilled. Drawing on psychological principles, movement practice, and ancient wisdom traditions, students in this course will create a unique environment for self-renewal in which peers convene for a rare opportunity of intense personal learning, interaction, and exploration.

Through this experiential course, we will create a courageous community that is challenging and nurturing. Our goal is to step back from our lives, listen to our inner voice, and discover what is really important to us. Students will develop insights about what brings them joy and purpose and a vision to serve as a foundation for both the next year and next phase of life. As we engage in a progression of individual and group exercises focused on communication, reflection, and movement, we will understand how to navigate the stages of major life transitions, practice the skills to access our intuition, and reveal which of our behaviors either support or unconsciously undermine our overall success. The experience will be especially valuable for those who are passionate about having a more powerful and authentic impact on the world around them.

Students should come ready to move, share openly, actively participate, and learn collectively.

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